Preparation is Half the Battle Won: What You Should Do BEFORE Hiring a Professional Window Cleaning Service

It’s late afternoon. You’re stressed out at work. The coffee machine is out of order and you still have a few hours left on your shift.

You try looking out of your office window only to have your view obstructed by a layer of dust and dirt.

Angry and dejected, you resolve to solve this problem and pick up the phone to call a commercial cleaning company. You want this layer of dust gone. You call in the professionals and wait for their arrival.

While this may all sound rational, there’s a glaring error—an oversight so massive that it has the potential to render the services of the cleaning company completely useless!

We’re, of course, talking about preparation and maintenance that complement professional cleaning services.

So, if you’re thinking of phoning in the professionals, here are a few things you need to do before they arrive.

1. Remove Fragile Items:
Although beautiful vases and elegant flower pots are great at enhancing the aesthetics of your office space, they’re not without a major flaw; they’re fragile.

This makes them most susceptible to the dangers of heavy cleaning equipment as strong vibrations can easily displace them, causing them to fall and shatter!

If you’re thinking of getting a professional cleaning service on board, remove all fragile items so as to avoid unnecessary damage. Get a box, buy some bubble wrap, and carefully store every item that you feel can be the victim of heavy vibrations.












While professional cleaning services these days, guarantee that their professionals won’t damage any fragile items, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

2. Wipe Your Blinds:

As far as dust accumulation is concerned, windows often get a bad rap. This is because they’re transparent so it’s much easier to spot any impurities like dust and dirt on them.

What’s even worse is the fact the real culprit of this accumulation of dust remains at large while building owners continue scrubbing their windows away!

Believe it or not, your window blinds are one the biggest contributors to the dust on your windows. Over time, these blinds tend to accumulate dirt and debris, which they tend to transfer to the windows they’re installed on.

Clean your blinds before the professional cleaning company gets there. This will increase both the longevity and quality of their cleaning, as well as enhance the overall levels of health and hygiene in your building!











3. Consider Bonus Services:

Because of the competitive nature of the market, professional cleaning services also feature a host of auxiliary services.

For example, the Master Custodians team is renowned for its bonus services such as graffiti removal, power washing, exterior and interior building maintenance, and janitorial services, etc. So, if you require any of the services mentioned above, be sure to give us a call!

And that concludes our list of things you need to do before hiring a commercial cleaning company. If you’re looking for a window cleaning service in St. Charles, IL, we would love to help!

We specialize in apartment and office complex cleaning, and can revamp your plaza in no time! Get in touch with us today to give your commercial building the facelift it deserves!!

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