What First-Time Clients Should Expect from Commercial Cleaning Services

When it comes to availing services from a commercial cleaning company, you get what it says on the tin, right?
Although it’s a common belief, the truth is that the level of service you get from one company may be quite different than what you would get from elsewhere.

As a leading commercial cleaning service though, we thought it best if we mentioned what you would receive from us if you were to hire us for your commercial property.

Before We Start

The first fact is that commercial cleaning is a lot different from residential cleaning. Commercial properties require a bit more elbow grease since we have to cover a lot more ground and work with commercial-grade equipment.

However, this extra effort doesn’t mean that the bill will exceed normal expectations.

It’s understandable that as a business owner, you will want to hire a company that offers quality and experience, while staying within budget. If you hire a reliable and trustworthy company, that is exactly what you shall get.

What to Expect from Master Custodians

• Initial Run-Through

At the start, you will be required to give our experts a walk-through of your property so we know what to clean, how frequent those cleanings should be, which cleaning agents should be used, and what equipment needs to be utilized.

For example, if the commercial property uses a combination of wood and tile flooring which endures heavy foot traffic, both will require different cleaning and polishing tools.

• Satisfaction Guaranteed
Professional commercial cleaning companies try their best to make sure that their customers receive satisfactory services.

So when you hire a company, you won’t just get the initial cleaning services. From ceiling fans and air vents to kitchen appliances and windows and doors, these cleaning services would extend to all components of your property.

• Affordability

The price of a certain cleaning service depends on the quality of service, experience and their initial rate. If the property requires more strenuous labor and coverage, the price will increase. However, what makes this slight price hike worth it is the reliability factor.

You don’t get to worry about whether your property is safe in our hands, or whether we’re using the right cleaning treatments and equipment. With a reliable company working for you, you enjoy quality services at a reasonable price point.

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