Although pricing may very from job to job, we have provided pricing for our standard cleaning service with regularly scheduled cleanings. Our hourly rate does vary, however we work to maximize efficiency for one cleaner and only charge the cost of labor for additional cleaners. Listed below are the services provided for our basic, regularly scheduled service plans along with the square footage of that specific facility size. For any facilities larger than 7,000 square feet please contact us for a custom quote. If there are items on this list that you do not wish to have completed at your facility, please contact us so we may provide a more specific quote for your needs.

Facility Size / Rates

0-1000 sq. ft. – $85

1001-2000 sq. ft. – $125

2001-3000 sq. ft. – $145

3001-4000 sq. ft. – $160

4001-5000 sq. ft. – $170

5001 – 6000 sq. ft. – $190

6001 – 7000 sq. ft. – $210